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Home Visit

October 10th, 2011 by akuzniew

I flew to Milwaukee yesterday to use the first few days of the Columbus Day break to visit my 94-year-old mother in her nursing home. When I booked the tickets two months ago, I little expected that I’d be entering the world of excitement that Milwaukee became yesterday.

Even en route from the airport, on a warm day drivers had their windows open and were saluting the Bewers at stoplights, car to car. Then the game began, and the home team came from behind in the six-run fifth inning. I watched the last few innings of the game with some old friends at a sports pub/restaurant. We were at least a generation older than most of the other patrons; and it was fun to watch the elation of the young folks when the Brewers won the first game. Of course, many of them weren’t even alive in 1982, when the Brewers of the American League lost the World Series to the Cardinals. This year, that rivalry comes back in the NLCS.

To top the day off, the Packers came from behind to top Atlanta (the city that took the Braves from Milwaukee.) Those of with long memories slept last night with smiles on our faces.

Robert Frost reminds us that “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” Yesterday was a golden day for some of us: family-wise, my mom is doing better than she was during my last visit; and sports-wise, needless to say. A great day to be in Milwaukee!